A Democrat Is A ‘Headline Speaker’ At CPAC Which Should Make You Smile

Head speakers at events are generally in popularity and importance, especially in politics. It turns out that Tulsi Gabbard is much more popular among the Republican party than ever expected. Gabbard has been very vocal in politics for years, but she’s headlining the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Florida.

Gabbard has been a Democrat for a long time, but she doesn’t belong to the Democrat party that once was. Authoritarians and radicals have taken over the party and want to force their ideas down your throat. The expressed views align with socialism, communism, and the desire to turn everyone gay and take away your guns and right to free speech.

That doesn’t align with Gabbard’s core values or most Americans.

Gabbard isn’t happy about the Ukraine conflict, either. Being a veteran, Gabbard better understands military operations and combat than most politicians in power today.

On the topic, Gabbard said, “What are we trying to achieve in Ukraine? How will it benefit the American people? And at what cost?”

In all honesty, the conflict won’t benefit the US getting involved is not only going to show more of President Joe Biden’s Administration’s incompetence but could also cause US soldiers to lose their lives and bring further conflict closer to the US mainland and encourage other countries like China, who wants to invade Taiwan.

Gabbard continued, “The Biden Administration has never responded to these questions. Inflation and living costs will skyrocket, Russia will respond, and no one knows where it will all end.”

Everything is getting more expensive. Prices will not go down while the US conflicts with Russia or anyone else. COVID-19 and the Biden Administration have caused inflation to increase to ridiculous levels, and Biden’s constant push for trillions of dollars of spending isn’t helping anyone.

Gabbard tweeted that the Russia and Ukraine conflict served the interests of “neocons/warmongers” and pointed out that it served politicians’ interests.

“The neocons/warmongers have spent years fanning the new cold war with Russia and have now gotten us to the verge of war in Ukraine. It serves their interests and lines the wallets of the Military-Industrial Complex with trillions of dollars. Let us not be sheep.”

We’ve seen this coming for a long time, which is why it was critical that Biden not be elected. The new Obama Administration allowed Nord Stream 2 to break ground, and then former President Donald Trump put sanctions on Russia because of it. When Biden waived those sanctions, Europe was beholden to Russia for natural gas.

Gabbard also defended Kyle Rittenhouse, slammed Biden over his Vice President racial hire, and again criticized Biden over the Supreme Court Justice selection based on race and gender.