A Sea Alter On Open Endorsement Of Vaccine Orders Is Happening

Mandates of any kind will get under everyone’s skin eventually. Even if the government isn’t targeting your personal beliefs at the moment, there will be a time when they will, and you’re not going to be okay with it. There should never be a circumstance in America where citizens are forced to partake in a vaccine program that hasn’t been studied to a reasonable extent. There should be reasonable standards for people to live under if there should be any medical mandate whatsoever.

When privately polled, it becomes more clear what people believe in. Like sheep in a flock, some may go along with things they don’t believe in just to fit in, but the tale is quite different when asked directly in a private environment.

The Covid-19 vaccines will continue to spread the Covid-19 virus, cause hospitalization, and allow the vaccine recipient to contract the virus. It doesn’t seem like a vaccine but more of treatment when explained in real terms.

First responders are being fired at record numbers because they aren’t getting the Covid-19 vaccine. They worked through the entire pandemic, most from start to finish, and were labeled heroes, but now they’re somehow the problem. Because they’ve seen Covid-19 in effect, likely been previously infected, and understand the risks, they can’t participate in society the same as they used to, and their families are going to have to suffer as well.

An NBC poll goes as far as to show a shift in the perception of the vaccine mandates. When asked about vaccine mandates for everyone, respondents said they were 50% opposed to mandates, and 47% favored the mandates. The “total favor” is down 1 point from August, where respondents were 50% opposed, and 48% favored the mandates.

It shows that the mandates are losing steam, even by just a little bit. The highest number in the group was 41%, who strongly oppose the mandates, with 9% saying that they somewhat oppose. “Strongly favor” was down 2 points, and “somewhat favor” was up 1 point. That’s very telling for the perception that people have of governmental vaccine mandates.

The most significant change was in the “strongly oppose” section, which changed from 38% to 41% since August.

Since August, the biggest change in our society has been the vaccine mandates, which have led to many first responders and hospital employees being fired for not complying. There’s no doubt that if the mandates continue that the numbers will shift even more and be more opposed than favorable given this trend in polling information.

In a separate question, poll takers were asked about voting for Congressional candidates if they wanted to mandate the Covid-19 vaccines, and 32% said they were “more likely to vote” for the candidate, and 40% said they were “less likely to vote” for the candidate.

Buckle up! The 2022 midterm election is going to be very interesting. Covid-19 vaccine mandates will be a hot issue, and prior support will be a factor in whether candidates will get voted in.