A ‘Small Incursion’ May Mean Nothing In Another Country, But What If It Happened In The US?

Let’s admit it, President Joe Biden permitted Russia to invade Ukraine. Not only by saying that a minor incursion would have to be evaluated, but Biden waived sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and appeared to be tough on cyber security and claimed that he and Vladimir Putin were on excellent talking terms. As far as Biden and Putin’s talking terms, that was early on in his presidency, and he was likely cutting through his weakness and trying to make a play out of former President Donald Trump’s playbook. The only difference is that Trump spoke to world leaders and continued communication and at least a neutral relationship when he was able to.

It seems like Russia is testing Biden’s capability, and to be honest, that’s not a terrible idea. If Russia was going to invade Ukraine, it should be now. Russia does not support that by any means, but from their perspective, they have a weak world leader in charge of the US, and there wouldn’t be a better time. That being said, Biden needs to be out of office. Almost anyone needs to take his place because the world will be dangerous with him in office.

Russia has been sending immigrants into Ukraine just as illegal immigrants are making their way into the US, just as they have been in large waves since Biden became President.

Imagine that the illegal immigrants outweighed US residents? It may not ever happen with the speed at which Biden’s Administration is giving out citizenship, but think about it from the point of culture and speech. More and more people in the US can’t speak any English, and foreigners buy more land. China owns a large portion of private property in the US, and there’s a scenario where China may use Mexico and other South American countries to invade the US.

Suppose Biden shows too much weakness that could allow the opportunity and acceptance of the move. At this point, nothing is out of the realm of possibilities. Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada only make up 10%-15% of the US population, and by Biden’s admittance, that would be a small incursion. There’s more to those statements that meet the eye. Would Biden just put sanctions on other countries for these actions?

As the American Thinker said, “Why can’t Venezuela grab tiny Guyana? It’s minor, after all. Why can’t Putin enlarge his access to the Baltic at Lithuanian or Polish expense? Why can’t Trudeau take back a chunk of Maine? And why, oh why can’t Xi Jinping get his hands on Taiwan Semiconductor?”

There’s nothing that couldn’t happen, and considering Russia took Crimea under former President Barack Obama, this is happening in Ukraine. Who’s to say that this isn’t going to be a familiar Democrat for years to come?