Actor Calls On Hollywood Conservatives To Come Out And Announce Themselves

It’s time for Hollywood conservatives to come out of the woodwork and pump up the volume, says movie director Robert Davi.

The award-winning, actor, singer and director Davi is working on his goal to bring a more conservative voice to Hollywood entertainment with his new movie My Son Hunter. The crowd-funded film, produced by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney will stream beginning Sept 7, 2022, by Breitbart.

The online trailer for My Son Hunter has been viewed more than 2.6 million times and has prompted scorn from liberals. Another producer, who chooses to stay anonymous, told Newsweek “I really enjoyed the film. It’s a shame I can’t tell most of my colleagues about it, though. Hollywood is in such a hyper-cancel mode today.”

In an interview with American YouTuber, political commentator, and podcast host Tim Pool, Davi discusses his conservative views and the movie.

“It’s based on not only the laptops, and the information in Peter Switzer’s book and the stuff that John Solomon did, and all the articles done about the Hunter Biden laptop, it’s based on Hunter’s Book: All The Beautiful Things,” said Davi, noting he wanted to get into the mind of Hunter Biden. In 2017, Davi moved from Hollywood to his current residence in Florida.

In the book “Profiles in Corruption” Switzer, a political consultant and senior editor at Breitbart, describes Hunter Biden this way:

“With the election of his father as vice president, Hunter Biden launched businesses fused to his father’s power that led him to lucrative deals with a rogue’s gallery of governments and oligarchs around the world. Sometimes he would hitch a prominent ride with his father aboard Air Force Two to visit a country where he was courting business… These were deals in the truly dark corners of the world.”

Davi says of the movie that it’s like any other art or creative production; it’s all subjective to the eye of the beholder. “Let people make their own decisions,” he said. The movie implies that Hunter Biden was deliberately indiscreet with abandoning his laptops leaving some viewers to speculate, he was abused by his father President Joe Biden and is trying to get even.