Afghanistan Intelligence Failure Debate Begins As Taliban Take Kabul

Failure of leadership in conflict scenarios has led to disasters in war. “Being the bigger man” attitude doesn’t exist anymore. President Joe Biden has seemingly failed with Afghanistan and United States military removal.

Biden was one of many Senators who voted to give former President George W. Bush the authority to start a war in Iraq. When things were rising, and involvement was required, it may have looked like a good idea at the moment, but it was the wrong choice for the U.S. Administration. Biden attempted to get former President Barack Obama to wait to give the order to execute Osama Bin Laden back in May of 2011 as Vice President, showing his weakness in military strategy. Biden showed his lack of leadership in the military realm when he said that there was no possible way the Taliban could overtake the Afghanistan military. Still, we saw that within hours that’s what happened.

The U.S. military armed the Afghanistan military with billions of dollars of high-tech equipment, and now the Taliban has access to all of it. The U.S. embassy has been evacuated, and Afghanistan citizens are desperate to leave.

The Pentagon officials said 300,000 Afghanistan military personnel, and Biden said that the 75,000 Taliban troops wouldn’t overtake the military. The White House released remarks by Biden saying, “When I decided to end the U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, I judged that it was not in the national interest of the United States of America to continue fighting this war indefinitely. I decided with clear eyes, and I am briefed daily on the battlefield updates.”

Biden’s updates don’t seem to match the reality of the situation when escalation of armed conflict with the Afghanistan military exponentially rose. The future of Afghanistan is the Taliban becoming the new government of Afghanistan.

Former President Donald Trump began the exit of Afghanistan, and if Trump was re-elected, the situation might have been much different. The world knows that Biden is weak. The real threat is to the Afghanistan people and the women and children left to the Taliban control.

Ken Dilanian with NBC News said on Twitter, “U.S. officials argue there was no intelligence failure. But they also acknowledge that nobody predicted Kabul would fall within days. A Taliban victory by September 11th was the worst-case scenario.”

Biden addressed the country on August 16th, saying, “It is wrong to order American troops to step up when Afghanistan’s forces would not.”

Biden isn’t wrong about that. If the Afghanistan military were prepared and willing to defend its own country, they would have fought for it.

After the press conference, Biden didn’t take any questions. Likely, he didn’t have any answers. He’s shown that he doesn’t know what’s going on, and the Pentagon doesn’t either. It’s a fluid situation, and nobody can predict the actions of unstable vigilante groups. The result is an expensive war that claimed the lives of many.