After Abortion Question Jill Biden Tried To Lead Biden Away From Reporters

During a recent press interview, Joe Biden’s wife Jill had to pull him away from the White House press corps. His managers frequently tell him when he can and cannot speak to the press, but Jill was the one who escorted him away.

According to the reports, President Joe Biden has been questioned about reconciling his Catholic faith with his pro-abortion views. As a Catholic, a reporter inquires why he supports abortion and why he is “breaking church principles.”

Moreover, Jill Biden, his wife, attempts to guide him away as he tries to find an explanation. “He doesn’t want to get into a theological dispute with them, but they know, well, anyhow,” Biden adds to the reporter.

Like many ostensibly Catholic Democrats, President Joe Biden appears to disregard and disparage the church’s stance on abortion, which is murder. Even though the Pope has pronounced abortion murder, Biden was not questioned on his abortion views. Biden ostensibly values his Catholicism, yet he does not appear to share the Pope’s views on abortion.

The presidential candidate’s commitment to Christ’s teachings is shaky at best and he rarely provides religious people anything substantive to approve of. His Catholicism is a ruse to persuade religious folks that voting for him is safer. Surprisingly, it appears that Biden’s advisers have been directed not to allow him to answer specific questions. One of them is his loyalty to Catholic views.

If the Pope questioned Joe about abortion, that would explain why he proceeded to dirty his trousers right then and then. No, that can’t be it. Such a reaction would necessitate a sense of guilt and Democrats aren’t known for such characteristics.