Alabama Man Has His License Plate ‘Revoked’ From The State Because Of Letters

In Alabama, the state is reconsidering its decision to issue a license plate that takes a jab at President Joe Biden, or “Brandon” as some know him, and they’re trying to get the license plate back.

Nathan Kirk paid $700 for a license plate that says “LGBF JB” on a yellow Gadsden flag. The letters are supposed to represent “Let’s Go Brandon, F*ck Joe Biden.”

Only a month went by when Kirk received a letter that said the license plate “contains objectionable language.” Why do they assume that the license plate means what they think? Kirk could be a huge Football fan. It could mean “Let’s Go Buccaneers, Jose Borregales.”

Then there’s the most apparent portion, which is free speech. Nothing in the license plate incites violence, harm, a riot or threatens anyone. There’s no reason that the state can retract something approved initially, and it sounds like the $700 price tag is more than enough to support the state.

Kirk told the Trussville Tribune, “It is complete repression of First Amendment rights. It might represent anything. I just like those letters. I was able to obtain the letters FFFFFF, which might stand for anything.”

The Gadsden flag is the exact representation of how Kirk should be acting at this very moment. “Don’t Tread on Me” is something the government should have been aware of before infringing on the Constitutional Rights of Americans.

The state is demanding the license plate back within ten days, the vehicle registration will be revoked and fines will begin to build up.

In 2014, the state took away a license plate that said “NOHOMO” when it outraged the Internet. The state blamed human error.

There’s an appeals process when these things happen, but there’s also a prominent legal case that could be taken up and Kirk would have to fight against a previous Supreme Court ruling that made license plates “government speech.”

It makes sense from both perspectives. Suppose the state is going to offer a personalized license plate. In that case, there should be guidelines that are established well in advance and an approval process that makes it easier for the state to deny or approve the plates or take them away altogether. But, the state loves to charge more for the personalized tag because they can profit from it and give drivers the ability to place what they want on them.