Alexander Vindman ‘Ignores Historical Fact’ And Insists That The ‘Russia-Ukraine Conflict’ Is Trump’s Fault

In the world of idiotic tweets, we have a winner. Former Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council Alexander Vindman has taken a stand against former President Donald Trump with a single tweet ahead of the State of the Union Address.

Vindman tweeted:

The United States runs NATO. What do we gain from bringing in NATO?

It turns out that former President Bill Clinton forced Ukraine to give their nuclear weapons back to Ukraine. Did that help the situation? Not.

Jesse Watters said, “How did we get here? Bill Clinton forced the Ukrainians in the early 1990s to give their nukes back to Russia. Russia wouldn’t have gone in if he had just let the Ukrainians keep the nukes. You don’t invade a nuclear power.”

Watters isn’t wrong and it brings up another point. You keep hearing everyone talk about Ukraine being a democracy, a peaceful nation and a stable country, but why is it that they don’t have nuclear weapons now? That should have been your first sign that governments worldwide don’t trust Ukraine as much as you thought.

Vindman also tweeted:

No, Trump has nothing to do with a lack of support for the Ukrainian government in some people. People saw Biden say that he withheld money from Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor investigating Burisma when Hunter Biden, his son, was sitting on the board.

Trump sent $250 million in lethal aid to Ukraine, but Trump also understood that Ukraine is its own country and the US has its problems.

Biden is also diverting Border Patrol Agents to Ukraine to assist on the border. Did Biden miss the fact that there were 2 million encounters with illegal immigrants in 2021 and there’s a likelihood there will be the same numbers in 2022? What will happen if there are fewer Border Patrol Agents? If you think it will get better, you’re severely wrong.

There’s also the idea that Trump wanted to kill NATO. Trump’s goal was to get other countries to stop relying so much on the US, take up their defense and expand their defense budgets. Europe was also on a dangerous path to buy Russian oil, and they were going to find out very quickly that it was a terrible idea.

The nation is somehow siding with Biden over the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but at the end of the day, it only affects the US to the extent that Biden buys oil from them.