An Existential Challenge Is on Its Way to the US, and Its Not Climate Change

The Biden administration has halted the import of Russian oil. However, they are trying to make up for the oil demand by negotiating deals with Venezuela and Iran. So many wars have been fought because of oil already, the current administration needs to reexamine their clean energy goals in order to protect the nation and save the economy.

Following Japan’s invasion of China, the United States imposed an embargo on oil and other supplies to Japan. The United States’ oil embargo against Japan prompted the attack on Pearl Harbor. German researchers created an industrial approach for producing synthetic fuels from coal. Adolf Hitler launched an invasion on Russia in order to seize control of the oil reserves of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

While Japan and Germany struggled to fuel their war machines, the tanks of the Allies were constantly brimming with American vigor. America supplied 6 billion of the 7 billion barrels of oil utilized by the Allies during WWII.

Arab states imposed an embargo on oil sales to the United States and other Western countries in 1973.

On October 6, Egypt and Syria launched an attack on Israel in order to evict the Israelis from territories captured during the Six-Day War.

Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf oil producers were angered by the United States’ support for Israel and imposed an oil embargo. Oil prices “quadrupled, resulting in rising consumer expenditures and structural risks to the viability of whole national economies.” Inflation spiked in the 1970s and 1980s, but it was eventually brought under control by vigorous oil exploration and production.

The Biden administration has halted Russian oil imports, but has looked to Iran as a prospective ally. Rather than supporting American manufacturing, the Biden administration seems to prefer funding Iranian nuclear weapons and Venezuelan corruption.

Democrats provide an apocalyptic image of climate change in order to frighten Americans into voting for Democratic politicians. They disregard the human potential to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances.

The Dutch tackled living below sea level hundreds of years ago by constructing dikes and windmill-powered pumps. Climate change must be treated with caution and pragmatism, with an emphasis on the risks, costs, and benefits.

If climate change is an issue, the United States cannot solve it alone. The Chinese are the top CO2 emitters. China will never keep its promises under the Paris Climate Agreement. Russia produces a large portion of its revenue-generating oil and gas. Oil abolition in the United States by 2050 is both silly and unnecessary. It is a question of national security, not partisanship, to ensure that oil supplies remain accessible. With the help of a Russian ally, Russia and China are prepared to control global affairs.