Andrew Cuomo Criticizes Fellow Dems For Ignoring Big-City Crime

Even before a scandal involving sexual harassment claims led to his resignation, former Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had already attracted the ire of many constituents for COVID-19 policies that critics say caused — and then covered up — the deaths of many elderly individuals living in nursing homes.

Three years after he was being heralded as a straight-shooting public official who hosted daily briefings about the pandemic and nearly two years after he stepped down in disgrace, the one-time darling of the Democratic Party has re-emerged with some criticism about leftist policies.

Some reports suggest that he might be paving the way for a future political bid, potentially in a U.S. Senate race, and has chosen to adopt a moderate position in an effort to appeal to as many voters as possible.

In any case, Cuomo is speaking out against what he believes to be a critical flaw in the ideology of many of his fellow Democrats.

During a recent installment of his podcast, he cited the increasing crime rate in New York and other deep-blue areas of the country, declaring: “Democrats, when you ignore crime, you hurt the people you represent.”

He went on to accuse his own party of obfuscation by ignoring the real problem and turning it into a partisan battle.

“There is no crime problem,” he said, paraphrasing the prevailing leftist rhetoric. “It’s all Republican propaganda.”

Meanwhile, he said that poor people and minorities are primarily the victims of crime and are “paying the price” of the Democratic Party’s approach to criminal justice.

Cuomo echoed the same sentiments in an op-ed published by the New York Daily News and, although his motives for resurfacing are not entirely clear, political consultant Hank Sheinkopf described it as a “smart” strategy that is resonating with people across the ideological spectrum.

“Look, New Yorkers and the rest of the country — everybody, no matter where they live, whether they be Democrat or Republica or even liberals — they just don’t like guns pointed in their faces,” he said. “And they don’t like the feeling that that could happen at any time, so Andrew Cuomo’s touching on something.”