Andrew Cuomo In Panic Mode After His Replacement Vows To Make His Worst Nightmare Come True

Like her or not, Kathy Hochul may be doing some good things in New York. The replacement for Andrew Cuomo says that she will fully cooperate with nursing home deaths caused by Covid-19. The importance of this issue will shape the way the United States handles viruses for years to come.

So many good things are happening on the Covid-19 side of the political sphere. And yes, it’s political. Lawsuits are underway against employers who fired employees for not getting vaccinated, and they’re likely to win. Given the scientific data of Covid-19, we know that the federal government has lied to us. Masks don’t work, the vaccine still allows you to get sick, pass the virus, and even die from the virus, and mask mandates are lowering considerably. Even when appointments are in place, they’re rarely enforced. It isn’t new, and it was happening throughout 2020.

As the Biden administration crumbles, so are other Democrats. Cuomo has been a pain for New York for a while, and it’s nice to see him fall as hard as he is.

Hochul says her priority is Covid-19 and getting money to people who need it, specifically landlords who have been hit exceptionally badly with the eviction moratorium. Still, she said she’s going to have her team cooperate and continue the investigation.

“I will make sure that my administration fully cooperates with requests for data.”

That translates to “Andrew Cuomo may be going to prison.”

After ordering nursing homes to house Covid-19 positive patients, Cuomo undercounted nursing home deaths by thousands and gave nursing homes immunity from lawsuits from Covid-19 related deaths. Cuomo lied about it, but it was never thoroughly investigated. If criminal charges are brought on Cuomo, he may be going to prison for the nursing home deaths and sexual harassment. The women who claimed that Cuomo sexually harassed them could still charge him criminally if the sexual harassment fits the elements of a crime.

According to, a total of 15,780 nursing home residents have died from Covid-19. On January 19th, 2020, Cuomo’s staff said that 8,505 nursing home residents had died, but at the time, there were over 12,000. A 4,000 difference is significant. The actual number was 1.5 times the number given. Cuomo could be writing his next book from a jail cell.