Another Day, Another Ethics Violation

President Joe Biden’s administration shared a “meme” type promotion for the infrastructure bill passed in the House, but it only begins there. They don’t seem very tech-savvy, and their generic tweets and posts aren’t fooling anyone. Biden doesn’t use his social media accounts.

Then, the USDOT posted a meme about the infrastructure as well.

The meme was a text conversation between a male and female, we’re assuming, and went like this:

I’m not sure how many of those conversations I’ve had.

Realistically, that’s not normal. Nobody, at least most people, don’t talk to each other like that. Romanticizing politics is dangerous.

It may have been illegal.

Former California Assemblyman and Vice-President of the Texas Public Policy Foundation Chuck DeVore said:

Congress has already set laws for this type of behavior.

There are many ethics violations to go around in the Democrat party. AOC accepted tickets to the Met Gala and everyone on this list, but the biggest may have been a statement posted on the White House website from Hunter Biden himself.

We all know that Hunter knew about the investigation. How could he not have? It was reported by the New York Post on the story in September 2020, and the New York Times even tweeted:

The Tweet is still up, so either Hunter was living under a rock, or he’s lying. We’ll let you assume which one.

The problem is the ethics at the top level. If the president isn’t held accountable for anything, you know that nobody else will be.