Another Leftist Gets Red-Pilled By The Truth

Russell Brand has been an interesting celebrity since he took the center stage several years ago. His YouTube Channel and podcast Under The Skin have gotten very popular among the left and right of the political aisle.

Russell Brand has begun to realize that the Democrats are full of it. While his views haven’t changed very much, the Democrats have swayed way out to the left, and Russell Brand was left behind. Russell has more in common with the Republican party at this point than the Democrat party. He’s railed against Fox News in the past and more recently posted political videos about the CIA’s plot to murder Julian Assange and Stuart Scheller being arrested and thrown in the brig. Scheller was the marine who called for accountability on the top of the military ranks, and as Russell Brand says, “It’s easy to assume that if you speak out about corruption, you might go to jail, particularly if it’s the American military.”

“If the price of truth is a prison, what does that tell you about our system?”

Since when did Brand take the red pill? The Matrix seems to work in interesting ways, and more celebrities are either opening their eyes or taking the veil off of their communication and opinions about the world.

Celebrities have been put on blast when they speak against the “cultural norms” that the Democrats try to slam down everyone’s throat, but Brand has been uniquely exempted from that type of response. That may be because he’s more of a leftist or has been so outspoken that the elites are used to it, but others haven’t gotten that same treatment.

Brand, although a leftist, is sincere in his assessment of events that take place. Generally, you would assume that anyone who dares go against the Democrats would be shamefully put in their place. Still, Brand has nearly 4 million subscribers to his channel, and with his intelligently diverse opinions and comedic attitude, he’s won the hearts of even the furthest-leaning Conservative.

Russell Brand is a humanitarian. He tends to be against war and conflict. Still, with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Brand has taken a stand against the left and for accountability given the lives lost and destruction Afghanistan was left in.

In the same video, Brand was very respectful when he noted that another service member said Scheller was wrong for his public views because the military operates outside of the civilian world. He posed a question to his viewers as well. Brand asked if Scheller was operating under higher principles than his military honor than should he have made the videos? He said that it wasn’t as if Scheller was auctioning off the Army’s boots or gun cartridges or anything like that. He was posing a suggestion of accountability. Brand also said he feels it is necessary to break that bond that military service members have to voice such an important message.

These are the objective opinions of Russell Brand that have meaningful messaging and essential topics that everyone from all political parties can listen to and come to their conclusion. Brand is unique in his delivery, messaging, and outlook and has even had people like Jordan Peterson on his podcast to have meaningful discussions with.

Brand is the living example of what you think of when you hear the word “reasonable.” While he may not have always been, that’s the position he has seemingly taken recently and may be an important bonding figure for the left and right to take a second look at positions they’ve held close to them.