Antony Blinken Admits Putin ‘Delay Invasion’ Of Ukraine Until Biden Was ‘Installed’

This disaster of a presidency is a slow-motion car wreck. The Biden-Harris maladministration has messed with American international relations and foreign policy.

Joe Biden, Mark Milley, and Lloyd Austin are supposedly driving this terrible catastrophe. But in many cases, like Secretary of State Antony Blinken, they are along for the ride on the Democrat Machine of Destruction. Liberals transformed Afghanistan into a worse situation than at the end of 2020. They are poorly reacting to the Russian danger in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has asked the United States and NATO for help. Russia will not back down unless President Vladimir Putin and his upper echelon feel the heat and pressure personally. The Biden-Harris maladministration has asserted that an attack is coming, yet they do nothing to prevent it.

Putin is taking action now because he does not have President Donald Trump to deal with. Trump was repeatedly and continuously called a Russian agent being controlled by Putin. But of course, Biden and Obama fear Putin, and they are willing to give him anything he wants, including a piece of another nation. Biden has failed to prevent this from happening and instead seems to be encouraging it.

Blinken repeated that unless the tanks are moving, the planes are flying, the bombs are dropping, they will sit on their hands. He seems to think the only option is a kinetic war in response to a Russian invasion.

After the siege occurs, Ukraine will be terminated, boundaries will be erased, and the economy will be tanked. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is at the end of his rope. What good will those sanctions do once it is too late? If Biden claims that he has the option to sanction Russia, he must do it now. Otherwise, let Russia reclaim its homeland.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin thinks that a ham-fisted approach to sanctions will hurt the Russian people. He cannot seem to figure out how to hurt Putin. It is the case of everything being a nail when all you have is a hammer.

Blinken continues to legitimize the Democrat approach. He stated that we accept that President Putin can decide to invade and then react. Any form of discouragement we have offered and any attempt to influence Putin seems futile. He thinks economic and financial threats against Russian businesses will discourage Russian actions. He does not want to trigger them. He believes that Russia knows what the US can do and what we likely will do. Therefore, the US sanctions must maintain the element of surprise not to allow Russia to avert the intended effect.

Democrats are running the sock puppet Biden’s maladministration. He previously loosened up sanctions on Nord Stream 2 to urge interests that must benefit from oil flow into Europe. Zelenskyy noted that the United States made specific promises and defense guarantees for Ukraine. Ukraine elected to fall under the US protective umbrella by surrendering its nuclear weapons in the Budapest Memorandum. The US has committed to assisting Ukraine, and now Biden is looking to wiggle out of that commitment.

Barack Obama allowed US policy to push Ukraine into a position where they disposed of nuclear weapons. Would the use of tactical nukes have prevented Russia’s attack on Crimea in 2014? Obama and Biden left them helpless as Russian tanks rolled through. Are they planning on doing that again?

Zelenskyy said he needs US security forces and support, or all prior arrangements will be voided, and it is anyone’s guess what happens next. Once he is deposed, Russia will gobble up the land and people of Ukraine.