AOC Admits Who She Means When She Says “Tax The Rich”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t part of the wealthy class. She wants to be taxed. Her Met Gala appearance would say otherwise if she weren’t given the ticket. Yeah, that’s right, AOC didn’t pay her way in. She accepted a gift as a political figure to advance her political agenda. Seems ethical for the Democrats.

AOC must have been talking about everyone who attended, right? Everyone at the Met Gala paid over $30,000 for a plate of food and probably donated even more. That’s the exact definition of “wealth.”

She said that when talking about taxing the rich, she’s talking about taxing people with millions or even billions of dollars.

According to USA Today, it takes an annual income of $538,926 to become the top 1% in America. So yes, AOC is talking about people making $538,926 per year or more. The amount of taxation has changed, some say 90%, others say 75%, but the intention remains the same. Most of the people making more than $500,000 or even less are employing other Americans. The perception is that small business owners make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but that’s not the case. According to CNBC, the average small business owner makes $70,300. That’s not a significant amount when compared to other jobs that may be available. And why do they do it? Because they want to see America succeed. They want to make sure that the next generation has skills and work available to them.

AOC is obviously out of touch with reality. She claims that she wants to tax the rich, but the Democrat party wants to minimize the earnings of the rich and give everyone a basic income. It would make sure everyone is on the same playing field financially, regardless of how much they work. It’s insane to think that any political party would want this to happen, but this is what it means to have “equality of outcome.” Equality of opportunity seems to be off the table because how dare hard-working Americans succeed. That would be terrible. No mention of AOC’s actual income, though. She makes sure that others are taxed and held back by big government spending.

AOC hasn’t ever actually held a real job. Yes, she was a bartender, but she lived on tips as most bartenders do. Her actual wage was small and taxed small. That’s her representation of economics. She went around the system with her tips to keep most of it or not claim it at all. That’s fine, but the same rules don’t apply when AOC wants others to be taxed. It’s sickening.