AOC Claims That Republicans Are Not “Physically Frustrated”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided that she wanted to respond to criticism of her Miami, Florida trip by saying that her critics are physically frustrated. That’s funny.

AOC tweeted, “If Republicans are mad they can’t date me, they can just say that instead of projecting their physical frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet.”

AOC also said that Republicans need therapy, but that was after she cried on the House of Representatives floor because a bill was passed. The tweet and the crying aren’t shining examples of a stable-minded individual. She knows that, right?

It turns out that Republicans have better intercourse and more of it than their leftist counterparts. Not only do some leftists get confused over who to have intercourse with, but they also can’t figure out what gender they are to determine what to do with their genitals. That may seem harsh, but It’s true. reported that conservative Republicans had orgasms nearly every time they had intercourse and that their “orgasm rate compares with only 40% reported success for liberal Democrats who, being liberal, talk openly forever about subjects like intercourse to affirm their liberality.”

Democrats are in more significant numbers at a younger age. Given that people generally peak in maturity in their late 20’s, liberals in their late 30s in their parent’s basement, their sensual life begins to blossom. They learn better techniques and interact physically with a partner at a later age.

Interestingly enough, according to Men’s Health, Republicans were more likely to have intercourse in places other than a bedroom as well. The largest margin of Republicans versus Democrats was a hot tub or pool, giving the Republicans the win of a lifetime. Then there’s the religious aspect. Republicans were more likely to have intercourse in church than their Democrat counterparts, praising God.

Just because Republicans oppose abortion as a means of birth control doesn’t mean they are opposed to intercourse and exploration in intercourse.

It could also be because Republicans tend to get married more often. According to Psychology Today, Arizona State and Illinois State Universities determined “that compared with singles, on average, married couples enjoy significantly more erotic fulfillment.”

In 2017, Politico reported, “Republicans are more likely to be married, and happily married, than independents and Democrats.”

Now, that doesn’t mean that Republicans want to date her or that AOC isn’t happy. It implies that AOC’s claim that Republicans are physically frustrated isn’t even close to being true. And, it’s doubtful that Republicans and Democrats will be in a relationship, so AOC will have to deal with less satisfying intercourse with her Democrat boyfriend for their entire relationship.