Are Democrats Just Now Waking Up To Who Nancy Pelosi Is?

Democrats all over Twitter are having a conniption because Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, “The country needs a big strong Republican Party.” Who did these leftwing nuts think Nancy Pelosi was?

Now to put the Speaker’s words in context, Madame Pelosi said, “I say to my Republican friends, take back your party.” She was admonishing Republicans to not “have it be a cult of personality on the extreme, extreme, extreme right.”

So she’s getting hit by her rank and file people on social media for telling Republicans that they’re too extreme, which is what those same people do all day on Twitter. These people get confused easily and are like habitual drinkers looking for an occasion to have around. They will fall for any premise, however specious, to start an outrage mob.

These people are addicted to the ‘Two Minutes Hate’ that they get by doing this every day. That sure is another prediction George Orwell’s Nineteen Eightyfour got correct.

But they’ll turn on members of their party too and act like Pelosi’s losing it or something, showing they haven’t been keeping track of the score at all. Nancy Pelosi has always been a pragmatic, careerist, centrist party leader. People like her and John Boehner are the types that ascend the machinery of the party and parliament to positions of power, steady hands, people who can always be counted on to grow the government’s size, role, and influence.

They don’t have an ideology or overriding mission for what they’re doing in government. Nancy Pelosi is just scaling the mountain, becoming more prosperous, and powerful, and famous as she goes. And she joins hands together with the people progressive Twitter feign that they hate online all the time, corporate America, unscrupulous lobbyists, Republicans, to accomplish the business as usual of Washington, fleecing the taxpayer dry.

So they might not excuse Nancy Pelosi for violating their extreme social justice warrior shunning and ostracism tactics for bullying others and just acknowledging Republicans exist and saying something to them, something critical even. Still, the Democratic Twitterati are clueless about how politics works.

When the big Wall Street banks started running into problems with the risky, half-baked, byzantine investment instruments they had created, Pelosi joined with George W. Bush and Republicans to take $700 billion of the people’s money and give it to super-rich financial corporations to bail them out. She ushered passage of the Troubled Asset Relief Program that fleeced the main street to reward Wall Street for greedy capitalist shenanigans.

At least Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to socialize the rich’s wealth and redistribute it to everyone else. Nancy Pelosi has spent her career in Washington socializing the rich’s losses, costs, and risks and redistributing them to everyone else. Worst kind of socialist ever.