Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Calls On Politicians To Stand Up For Protecting The Southern Border

Americans are sick of the southern border and how the federal government has treated the United States citizens while having better standards for illegal aliens. There’s a crisis at the southern border, and it isn’t going away without elected officials acting on it. President Joe Biden’s administration has already proven that they don’t care to fix it.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ) said on Fox News, “Your world, well, nothing is going to pass through Congress or the Senate without the help of the Arizona delegation. So, anybody in the Arizona delegation, congressmen, women, or senators, should be a no on any policy that doesn’t include border security. We need border security, never have we had more leverage without delegation, and this is an Arizona issue that’s affecting the entire United States, and it needs action now.”

Yes, it does. And the current president does not want that. There have been trillions of dollars spent in infrastructure, and while some of that may go toward the border, there hasn’t been any legislation that strengthens the border. The Biden Administration certainly hasn’t done anything to prevent the massive border crossings. Do you think Vice President Kamala Harris going to Guatemala and making a speech would fix it? You’re out of your mind.

Arizona, Florida, and Texas have sent many law enforcement officers and military members to the southern border because the Border Patrol is underfunded and overworked. They can’t keep up with the mass migration anymore, and even when they do, there are instances where Border Patrol agents have been charged with crimes just for doing their job.

Former President Donald Trump pardoned Gary Brugman after being accused of violating an immigrant’s civil rights. Illegal aliens know that the US is overcharging police officers and Border Patrol agents and are taking advantage of the opportunity because law enforcement can only enforce as much as their agency backs them.

Ducey also said that Arizona hadn’t implemented a policy to take back illegal aliens to Mexico, and that’s why the cartels are bringing them to that location. These moves are calculated and intentional. There’s rarely anything the cartels or coyotes do that isn’t intentional, and you’re watching the change in tactics in real-time.