Armed Leftist Arrested Near Kavanaugh’s Home

An armed left-wing domestic terrorist was arrested Wednesday morning near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home, according to the FBI. His motivation? The leaked draft opinion over Roe v. Wade and gun control.

According to the criminal complaint, Nicholas John Roske of Simi Valley, California, carried a suitcase and backpack loaded with a Glock pistol, two magazines and ammunition, a tactical knife, pepper spray, and zip ties. He was dropped off by taxi in the Washington suburb just after 1 a.m.

Roske was seen by two U.S. Marshals who are part of Kavanaugh’s 24–hour security force. All justices have this detail since last month’s leak spurred leftists threats and demonstrations at some of their homes.

But bizarrely, Roske called 911 in Montgomery County, Maryland, saying he had suicidal thoughts and planned to kill Kavanaugh. He was talking to dispatchers when police picked him up.

The Supreme Court said in a statement Wednesday that police arrested “an armed man” at 1:50 a.m. outside Kavanaugh’s house. The statement said Roske “made threats” against the justice.

The suspect reportedly revealed he found Kavanaugh’s home address online. Sources say he did not make it onto the justice’s property.

According to the affidavit, Roske said he wanted to “give his life a purpose” and that he planned to turn the gun on himself after killing the justice.

The Department of Homeland Security released a new bulletin this week predicting more activity from “domestic terrorists.” This label, of course, has been liberally used by the Biden administration and media to smear opponents and even parents upset at school boards.

That will be a tougher charge to make in this case — even for the left-wing media. Besides demonstrators still inexplicably being allowed to march at justice’s homes, it is not unprecedented even for congressional Democrats to go to extremes in criticisms of judicial decisions they disapprove of.

In 2020, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took part in a demonstration outside the Supreme Court building. This came as justices heard oral arguments in an abortion case, and many charged the senator with crossing a line.

He specifically cited Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh when he said if they make the wrong decision, they will “pay the price.” He added they “will not know what hit them.”

Chief Justice John Robert correctly slammed the Democrat’s rantings as “inappropriate” and, more importantly, “dangerous.” Perhaps a better word would be “instigating.” And if DHS is really interested in cracking down on domestic terrorism, they were just handed a great place to start.