As Biden Leaves Breakfast In Delaware, Reporter Yells Most Embarrassing Thing At Him

President Joe Biden and food have been obsessions of the media as they follow him to his favorite ice cream shops and now breakfast spot in Wilmington, Delaware, where he frequently travels to his home.

The media yelled, “Mr. President, how are you doing? How was your breakfast, sir? How was your breakfast, Mr. President?” What an embarrassment. Imagine being a news outlet and having your reporter ask how the president is rather than asking tough questions like “why do you want the IRS to track transactions in citizen’s bank accounts $600 and over?”

The reporter also asked, “Do you like coming to Wilmington?” Seriously? Biden owns a house in Wilmington, Delaware, and if he didn’t like going there, he wouldn’t go there most weekends. That’s an obvious answer to a dumb question.

Biden may not have answered because he’s not allowed to take questions that aren’t on his list. Did anyone give him an after-breakfast reporter list? Maybe that’s just for ice cream when he’s been good.

The president isn’t a celebrity and shouldn’t be treated as one. Biden and any president should be held accountable for their actions. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was disastrous, and Americans were still stranded. The Covid-19 vaccine mandates are proving to be a terrible choice given the number of hospital workers that have just been fired in New York. If the Covid-19 “pandemic” were as deadly as the media wants Americans to believe, they would ask for as many hospital workers as possible to keep up with the workflow. Still, that perspective is void from the conversation.

After Biden’s many failures and constant setbacks, because the Supreme Court rules against him, he needs to be pressed on citizens’ essential questions. Just because he’s deep in cognitive decline doesn’t mean he can’t be asked tough questions. Though people may feel bad for him, he still has to be held accountable. So far, the best answers come from Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and she even diverts questions. It has been an extremely contentious presidency in the first nine months, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. What makes Biden think he’s invincible from scrutiny? Even the Catholic church is coming out against Biden and his policies, specifically on abortion, which if you held him to the same standard, he shouldn’t have a voice because he’s not a “birthing person.”