Assume Nothing the Biden Administration Says Is True

President Joe Biden either says too much (think regime change), or just blatantly lies (Corn Pop). This is not news to anyone. Especially his communications teams who have been busy walking back President Biden’s public statements for his entire Presidency. When they are not putting out fires they do try and put out a narrative to the press corps that benefits Biden’s agenda. One of his big agenda items has been the Supreme Court nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson. Not surprisingly there have been problems right out of the gate.

It is impossible to get a clear picture of what is happening in the White House. If the administration cannot coordinate on something as simple as if the president actually watched any of the confirmation hearings, how are they going to be able to handle more complicated issues? The messaging for Ukraine has been a disaster. The messaging on inflation has convinced no one that ‘Putin did it.’ Even when they note cards to the President, he cannot get it right.

If citizens of this country cannot understand what the president’s administration is saying, what chance do our allies and adversaries have in making good decisions about our intentions? Ambiguity in international relations can be deadly. The good news is at least we have Vice President Kamala Harris to right the ship when it comes to clear messaging.

Our country is in deep trouble if the people in charge cannot even handle podcast interviews. Talking should be the easy part. Implementing policies that do not get us into a shooting war or suffer from crushing inflation is the hard part. The Biden Administration is failing at every level. There are no bright spots. This can be seen on Biden’s polling numbers which continue to fall.

The only way that the administration can start to rebuild trust is to take responsibility for the current situation by telling the truth of what is happening. Given that Joe Biden has been telling tall tales since the 70’s, there seems to be little chance of that happening. Americans will just have to endure the next two and a half years until the next round of politicians run for President.