Atlanta DA Targeting Trump Slammed by Judge for ‘Horrific’ Fundraiser

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis continues to keep herself in the spotlight as she goes after former President Donald Trump for various alleged infractions. But her true agenda may have come shining through the cracks in a recent fundraiser.

The Democratic DA from Atlanta recently sent “target letters” to three prominent Georgians in her investigation of the “fake electors” scenario. They are Gov. Brian Kemp’s running mate for lieutenant governor, GOP state Sen. Burt Jones and two other Republicans.

She also informed 16 Republicans who were to be, as her office alleged, “fake electors” that they could face criminal charges.

There’s a major problem, however, with this letter to Jones.

Willis, who made Jones a direct target of her digging, hosted a fundraiser for a Democratic candidate running against the GOP member.

In a hearing Thursday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney noted with astonishment the “horrific optics” of the fundraiser. He said her position as DA and advertising online that she was holding a fundraiser for a target of your office’s investigation is “problematic.”

McBurney held a hearing Thursday to decide whether to disqualify Willis from the probe, but he did not issue a ruling. The judge said he will present his decision in a written opinion to be released soon.

Jones filed a complaint concerning the election probe asking that Willis and her office be removed from the investigation over her hosting the fundraiser for his opponent.

His attorney, WIlliam Dillon, noted dryly that there should be a Democratic DA in Georgia somewhere who has not hosted an event supporting the opponent of Senator Jones — or Jones himself.

Willis’ counsel countered that her actions were well within Georgia law and that anyone can watch cable news or talk at cocktail parties.

McBurney went further in the Thursday hearing after Jones asked that any report from the special grand jury be sealed until after the November midterms. The judge pledged there will not be an “October surprise” and that the report, if ready, will not be released near the election.

At the very minimum, Willis using her position as DA to both go after Trump and his political supporters while at the same time supporting one of her target’s opponents must be grounds for disqualification. The charges she is trying to prove are far too serious for such conflict to stand.