Attorneys General Are Working to Protect Americans From Censorship

The censorship of Americans has taken an especially troublesome turn since Joe Biden got into the White House. This ultimately boils down to the administration’s endorsement of censorship itself.

To this day, the White House is on record saying that social media companies need to crack down on supposed “misinformation.”

During the height of the Joe Rogan/Spotify scandal earlier this year, the Biden administration called for the streaming service to “do more” regarding regulating Rogan’s content.

Most recently, the White House announced a new disinformation task force that will be headed by the vice president. This comes on the heels of the White House repeatedly talking about its collusion with social media platforms to prevent speech it doesn’t agree with.

Now, multiple attorneys general are working to stop the Biden administration from weaponizing social media sites to censor Americans.

A Warning From State-level Attorney Generals
In both Louisiana and Missouri, the attorneys general have asked the court to prevent Big Tech companies from working with the White House to silence the American people. Each attorney general urged for a preliminary injunction that will ultimately uphold free speech rights.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt warn that Biden’s work to shut down what Americans say via Big Tech companies should concern everyone nationwide.

Both attorneys general have likewise cautioned that growing numbers of people across the country are being subjected to censorship, courtesy of the Biden administration.

Sometimes, this censorship comes in the forms of shadowbanning or demonetizing accounts; other times, censorship leads to Americans being knocked down in algorithms or booted off of platforms altogether.

The initial Disinformation Governance Board from the White House truly set off alarm bells and prompted conservatives to take action that will prevent everyday folks from being systematically silenced.

The Latest Disinformation Task Force
While the Disinformation Governance Board met its end a while back, the newly announced disinformation task force of the White House has many Americans on edge.

This particular initiative is being branded as a tool to prevent online abuse against women and LGBTQ people; however, it’s widely viewed as just another version of Biden’s previous Disinformation Governance Board.

Meanwhile, growing numbers of Americans continue to speak out against censorship from the White House.