Ayanna Pressley Under Fire for Calling Public Transit Fares Racist

It’s become a well-known fact that when Democrats don’t like something, they call it racist.

Joe Biden and Democratic lawmakers did this month ago regarding the Senate filibuster. When Democrats were the minority party in Congress, the filibuster worked to their advantage, and they used it accordingly.

Yet, with Democrats currently being the majority party, the filibuster actually works against them. This is why Democrats tried to take down the filibuster on the false basis of it being racist; although, thankfully, this attempt was not successful.

This month, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) has decided that public transit fares are racist and shouldn’t have to be paid by black and Latino Americans. According to Twitchy, Pressley’s latest comments about this on Twitter have caused her to receive quite a bit of criticism.

The Case Against Public Transit Fares?

On Saturday, Pressley announced her Freedom to Move Act on Twitter. The Democratic congresswoman claimed this bill is about allowing black and Latino Americans to freely move through their communities without the burden of paying $2.75 in public transportation fees.

Pressley didn’t just stop there, though. The House lawmaker stated that public transit fares have led to black and Latino individuals being “criminalized” at a level that is “disproportionate.”

This call to action didn’t really go over how Pressley expected, though. Many Twitter users shot back, stating the implication that black and Latino Americans can’t afford public transit fares is racist in and of itself.

Other people on social media said the congresswoman should not be advocating for a system where race is a factor in what fees individuals have to pay. On a similar note, Pressley was informed that jumping the turnstiles and refusing to pay public transit fares is a crime, regardless of the perpetrator’s race.

Will the Freedom to Move Act Pass Congress?

At this moment, no one should hold their breath waiting for the Freedom to Move Act to pass into law.

Even if the bill did somehow pass the House of Representatives, it would undoubtedly face pushback in the Senate.

This pushback would come from not just GOP lawmakers, but also moderate Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) who have grown increasingly outspoken against the radical shift of their own party.

Since the massive feedback, Pressley has not walked back the dangerous premise that a person’s race should determine the extent of their public transit fares.