Baby ‘Cries In Terror’ As Creepy Joe Leans In For His Signature Sniff & Kiss

Some people say children are the best at determining character, and if President Joe Biden’s recent encounter with a child proves that, then we’re all in trouble.

Biden had engaged in inappropriate behavior with children well before his presidential campaign began, and accusations from women suggest that behavior extended to grown women as well. He couldn’t help himself from recalling an event where children in the pool would brush his leg hair down and watch it rise back up, but why would a grown man let that happen to begin with? It seems odd. That’s not a typical interaction with children that many grown men experience, and they shouldn’t. It’s inappropriate, and even if Biden had an utterly innocent interaction with a child, his behavior since then has been questionable.

He was in Colorado pushing his climate change initiatives, and what better place than the hippie capital of the United States? Biden knows that he has no bipartisan support for his climate change initiatives, and his actions since taking office haven’t been very green-friendly. Depending on foreign oil and pushing jobs overseas doesn’t exactly keep the environment safe. If Biden wanted to keep the environment safe, he would keep jobs in the U.S. and make sure that poles were produced where government regulations keep pollution in line, but Biden doesn’t care about those things.

We’re talking about the same president who said that the best way to prepare for a hurricane is to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Is he serious?

Biden’s constant infatuation with children showed when he couldn’t resist. He went straight to a child and creepily closed in near the child’s ear, and what did the child do? Cry. It’s not a surprise. That’s an invasion of privacy, and every child has a personal bubble they don’t want to be invaded. The child reached for his mother after trying to push Biden away. I’m surprised the secret service didn’t step in and show that baby who’s boss.

The interaction is just ridiculous. There’s no reason why Biden should keep doing this. He has to be briefed with public perception of his actions, but he seems to ignore it and take a stand. Who knows what the actual cause is, but Biden can’t seem to stop himself. Just like ice cream parlors, Biden finds refuge among children. It’s creepy and isn’t a character trait of a president.

At the same event, Biden shows his delirium at a wind turbine with a sticker that says “Build Back Better.” Just like a child pointing out a cool new toy to their parents or siblings, Biden touches it, points at it, and says “Build Back Better” like anyone needed his input.

It’s shocking just how ignorant, and mentally decrepit Biden is. His age is showing with his inability to comprehend regular human interactions.