Bernie Sanders Makes Last-Ditch Effort To Save Democrats

Weeks ago, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) warned that Democrats were on the wrong track ahead of the midterms. Sanders claimed that by solely focusing on the abortion debate, Democrats were letting the GOP control the narrative about the economy.

In making this warning, the socialist senator said Democrats should convince voters they’re the “working class” party and portray Republicans as corporate elitists. This isn’t working out so well though.

Many Democrats don’t want to talk about the economy because their own policies are what led to economic problems. On top of that, most voters see Republicans as more equipped than Democrats to handle the economy.

As all this plays out, Sanders is now going on a multi-state tour to campaign for Democrats with elections coming up.

The Last Stand of Sanders
On Thursday, Sanders rallied with voters in Oregon, sharing the overwhelming message that they should get out and vote for Democrats in the midterms.

Despite acknowledging current challenges with the economy, Sanders failed to mention how Democrats set these challenges into motion. Instead, the socialist senator fear-mongered about the Republican Party and lied about the conservative movement’s policies.

Ironically, Oregon is one state that’s been put through the wringer by failed leftist leadership. This is especially true of Portland, which is now overrun with drugs, homelessness, and crime.

Sanders’ tour will take place not just in Oregon, but also in Texas, California, Nevada, and other states that will determine the balance of power.

Horrible Advice For the Country
If Americans take Sanders’ advice and turn out in droves for Democrats, then we likely won’t have a country left by the time the next election season gets here.

The major problems facing the country today occurred under a left-wing White House and left-wing Congress. Voting for more of the same isn’t going to bring about positive change, despite what Sanders wants people to believe.

The socialist senator has a longstanding pattern of blaming Republicans for the failures of the Democrat Party. This is inevitably what would happen if Democrats were to win the midterms and continue ahead on their current path.

Thankfully, polls and public sentiment indicate that Sanders is not going to get his way in November.