Biden Administration Caught Pulling Strings For the CDC

There was a time when the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was widely viewed as a nonpartisan, health-based institution meant to provide the best guidance to the American public.

Following the past two years, many Americans don’t have this perception anymore. The CDC has been largely criticized for promoting lockdowns that caused a lot of societal harm. Likewise, the CDC took some heat for its mixed messaging on masking.

Numerous Americans expressed views that various statements from the organization on masking were more about politics and control than health and safety.

A new revelation about the Biden administration’s financial involvement with the CDC isn’t doing anything to quell these concerns.

Mixing Healthcare and Politics?
The Biden White House paid for left-wing consultant Mandy Grunwald to work with the CDC for the express purpose of media teaching for director Rochelle Walensky.

This media instruction work entailed giving Walensky pointers on interacting with the press and effectively getting across her intended messages.

The work of Grunwald came after Walensky was criticized for botched claims about the spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the same operative who worked with the CDC director also has professional ties to various sitting House and Senate Democrats.

Double Standards
Amid news of the Biden administration paying for the CDC director to receive training from a left-wing operative, the media hasn’t gone after the president over it.

Meanwhile, the same goodwill was not extended to the Trump administration. When the Health and Human Services Department under Trump purchased communications services from GOP political consultants, backlash ensued.

In 2019, Politico cited “ethical concerns” with the arrangement. After backlash, the Health and Human Services stopped working with the consultants. Yet, this still didn’t satisfy critics of Trump, who accused his administration of corruption.

The difference in reactions to the Trump and Biden administrations using political consultants, in the eyes of many Americans, fits a pattern. It also comes as the mainstream media currently stands accused of routinely defending the Biden White House whenever possible.

At this time, the Biden administration has not released a statement concerning its funding of media training for Walensky.