Biden and Harris Camps Point Fingers at Each Other for Kamala’s Failed Vice Presidency

In an upcoming book titled “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future” by the New York Times’ Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, there is a behind the scenes look at the interactions between President Biden’s office and Vice President Kamala Harris’ staff. Some recently released excerpts do not paint a rosy picture.

Arguments have been made that Kamala Harris’ selection for the vice president position was the first and only smart political move by the Biden camp. Many observers were surprised at the pick, however, especially after Kamala’s attacks on Scranton Joe during the debates.

In addition to debate attacks, Kamala also would not carry any states for Biden, and was a notoriously bad campaigner. So why the pick? One word: insurance. Any move to remove Joe Biden from office would have to face the reality of elevating Harris to the presidency. The more incompetent the Vice President, the harder it would be to remove Biden. If that was indeed the rationale behind the pick, it is now coming back to haunt the Biden administration.

As “This Will Not Pass” illustrates, both offices are blaming the other for the administration’s current polling woes. The VP’s office claims that the issues being delegated to Hariss are political killers and impossible to solve, the border crisis is one such example cited (easy to solve, close it). The President’s staff claim that Kamala is incompetent at every task delegated to her. It is hard to blame them when the Vice President gives speeches like this:

Incredibly, I am going to have to side with the President on this one (a truly rare event). Historically, the vice president’s previous offices have been dysfunctional. All the way back to her attorney general of California days, Harris has been known to be a terrible and incompetent boss to work for. It comes as no surprise that her current office has been hemorrhaging staff consistently over the last year, again, with allegations of poor treatment of her staff.

It does not matter if the forthcoming book is true or not, the administration is dealing with historically low poll numbers. Neither the vice president nor the president seem to have any answers, regardless of who they are pointing their finger at.