Biden Appears To Look For Deceased GOP Congresswoman During Press Conference

In the relatively short time that Joe Biden’s been president, speculations about his cognitive functions, or lack thereof, continue to emerge.

Biden’s exhibited strange behaviors, from losing his train of thought while speaking to aimlessly wandering around on podiums and even shaking hands with thin air. Many Americans warn that if the president isn’t mentally up to lead, he should either resign or be forced out by use of the 25th Amendment.

This week, Biden had another episode that left the nation questioning how well his memory and cognitive functions are holding up.

Searching For the Dead?
On Wednesday, the president gave a speech at the White House that centered around nutrition and access to food. The event carried on without any hiccups, at least until Biden made mention of the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN).

It appeared the president was trying to acknowledge Walorski, given her work as someone who prioritized health and nutrition. However, Biden then began to ask “Where’s Jackie,” almost as if he expected to thank the congressman in person.

Unfortunately, Walorski passed away last month after getting into a car crash. This incident made national news. Even Biden himself issues a statement about the Republican’s death, saying he and his wife were saddened by it.

It is this situation that has many Americans questioning what’s truly going on with Biden and how much longer he’ll continue like this before his mental state worsens.

What Else Has Biden Forgotten?
If the president isn’t able to recall the passing of a congresswoman that he acknowledged in a public statement, it begs to question what else he may be forgetting. This is a problem many Americans began to speculate about via social media.

Some Twitter users are saying Biden needs help that his relatives should be willing to get for him. First lady Jill Biden and other members of Biden’s family have even been accused of elder abuse for allowing the president to continue on like this.

Even during the 2020 election, there were warning signs that Biden’s cognitive abilities weren’t what they used to be. Yet, for whatever reason, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in Biden’s immediate family who’s willing to get him the help he needs.