Biden Blames Sickness Of Kissing His Grandson And Lies About The Economy

Optics. That’s the key phrase you need to focus on.

President Joe Biden says that he’s sick because he kissed his grandson. Why? Because the Covid-19 vaccine is being pushed on kids. It places the blame for the spread of viruses on children. It is excellent for the Covid-19 vaccine but bad for parents and children. Still, only 630 children have died from Covid-19.

Don’t let your government fool you. Children have a meager mortality rate from Covid-19.

Next, Biden was recently seen without a mask in public places and indoors where masks are required. Don’t let Biden fool you into a false narrative. He was in Nantucket, MA, a week ago, maskless inside. Either he was spreading sickness, or he likely got sick while there. Different regions have different bacteria, and visiting a new place will make you sick when presented with the bacteria.

Regardless, Biden said, “I have one ½-year-old grandson who has a cold who likes to kiss his pop. He’d be kissing me, anyway. But it’s just a cold.”

There was also a projection for more jobs. Red State reported that “today’s jobs report was nothing to write home about, with only 210,000 people added to various payrolls. That represented a miss of well over 50 percent, as prior projections put the number at over 550,000.”

Mind you, we’re still coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, but that shouldn’t affect jobs as much as it is. More places are opening up rather than the government closing them. That’s good, but it’s also indicative of a failed administration prediction.

Biden says that the effort the U.S. is leading isn’t going to lower gas prices overnight, and of course, it won’t. What would have solved the problem is not touching the oil industry from the beginning. Biden reversed many energy issues that former President Trump put in place. Gas prices were low when Biden got into office, and now you look at them and ask yourself what happened? We do the same.