Biden ‘Blankly Stares’ At Reporters While They Ask Pertinent Questions On COVID-19 And The Meat Industry

President Joe Biden sits on his stage with a snowy scene on his fake windows and his ridiculous blank face only to refuse to answer questions from the press. There’s a reason he’s not allowed to answer. Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain knows that Biden can’t handle easy questions, much less complicated questions, and that’s why Biden is being controlled as much as he is.

Biden’s refusal to answer questions has become a common theme in his presidency, and it’s unfair to the American people. We deserve answers during these trying times. COVID-19 infections are astronomically high with the Omicron variant, and there are plenty of other questions that deserve answers from the President of the United States.

The most important question right now is when COVID-19 tests will come back. Instead of a pandemic of the unvaccinated, this is becoming a pandemic of the untested. Though the COVID-19 virus doesn’t necessarily have to have a test, stay home when you’re sick like we’ve done for decades. It’s not a complicated concept to understand. If you have no symptoms, live your life like you usually would.

One reporter asked, “And when will Americans get those free COVID tests, sir?”

Biden’s response was to sit there with a blank expression on his face. What type of leadership is that? Biden could have answered in a couple of different ways.

Biden could have said that the U.S. is investing $137 million into a facility to make the paper for tests that will be ready in 3 years, but then there’s the three years part that isn’t very appealing. He could have said that tests are on the way, and we’ll update as soon as possible. He could have said many things, but he decided not to answer. That’s the true weakness.

The federal government announced that 500 million tests were on the way, so maybe Biden could have given an update there? Too many questions are being unanswered.

Biden said, “So, I’m announcing today (two weeks ago): The federal government will purchase one half billion that’s not millions. Billion with a “B” additional at-home rapid tests, with deliveries, starting in January.”

That’s all the reporter wanted to know. Two weeks is a long time when the entire country is waiting for tests to continue with their life.

It’s going to get interesting with Starbucks announcing that their employees will have to get the COVID-19 vaccine or get a weekly test when there’s already a low number of tests available. It seems that the logistics of this whole thing aren’t going to work out very well.

There was also a question about breaking up the meat packers. That’s not a new question, and it’s based on Biden’s statement about meat companies raising prices and the monopolies that have been created. Whether that’s true or not is anyone’s guess, but it would seem Biden should focus on gas prices before touching the meat market.