Biden Called Out for Destruction Border

The southern border of today is a shadow of what it looked like during the Trump administration’s time in the White House.

Between Title 42 and a series of other commonsense policies, the southern border was properly managed. There weren’t record numbers of illegal immigrants coming to the border because Trump’s policies didn’t incentivize the unlawful practice.

Unfortunately, under Biden, Title 42 is on its way out, just as Biden scrapped other immigration policies that Trump set in place. The end result of this has been a southern border attracting crime, drug trafficking, unlawful crossings, and more.

What makes the situation even worse is that illegal border crossings are expected to increase in the weeks and months to come. According to Breitbart News, the president is now being called out for the mess he’s made of the southern border.

The Extent of Damage Done by the Biden Administration

While speaking with Fox Business, Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) spoke at length about how much harm Biden has caused with what he’s done to the southern border.

Hagerty made it clear that if Title 42 falls by the wayside (as it’s projected to), then illegal immigration is going to soar to historic highs. At the same time, human trafficking and dangerous drugs will also see major upticks.

The Republican lawmaker further explained that what’s happening at the southern border today is nothing short of a national security crisis. According to Hagerty, Biden’s budget entails defunding Border Patrol, another measure that will weaken security where it’s most needed.

To this day, the Biden administration has refused to do anything to restore safety and order at the southern border. Although, the president’s latest budget proposal does include a key portion of funds dedicated to climate change.

No Word from the Vice President

Over one year ago, Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge as the person to fix problems at the southern border.

The border’s problems have not been fixed. Between this administration’s decision to let Title 42 run its course and defund Border Patrol, the situation on the border is going to get a lot uglier.

There’s been absolutely no kind of messaging or statement from Harris as of late regarding the border. Last year, the vice president briefly talked about the importance of finding the “root causes” of mass migrants coming to America to seek illegal entry.

Much of the American public was all too eager to remind Harris that she works for the “root cause” of mass illegal immigration and refers to this “root cause” as president of the United States.