Biden Cancels Philadelphia Speech To Avoid Crossing Picket Line

President Joe Biden has canceled a scheduled speech at the annual conference of the National Education Association (NEA) in Philadelphia, giving the poor excuse that he is committed to not crossing a picket line. The NEA, which has endorsed Biden for re-election, announced a strike, prompting the president to cancel his Sunday appearance.

The Biden campaign stated, “President Biden is a fierce supporter of unions and he won’t cross a picket line. The President is still planning to travel to Pennsylvania this weekend, and we will have more details to share at a later point.”

The last three days of the NEA conference were canceled as picket lines were established on Friday. NEASO President Robin McLean criticized the NEA for its handling of the situation, stating, “The National Education Association has threatened to host its convention virtually to avoid a physical picket line. For a union to trick its members into crossing a picket line is reprehensible. It also confirms what we have been saying: NEA has abandoned its union values with its actions at the bargaining table.”

McLean added, “NEA would rather cancel a multi-million-dollar convention than comply with labor law. NEA members should question where their hard-earned dues dollars are being used — and wasted.”

The Associated Press reported that the NEA’s union, the National Education Association Staff Organization (NEASO), set up picket lines around the Pennsylvania Convention Center and planned a three-day strike. The union filed two unfair labor practice complaints, accusing the NEA of removing holiday overtime pay unilaterally and failing to provide information on outsourcing $50 million in contracts.

Biden, who has recently come under fire from the left and right over his exhibited cognitive issues, may just be avoiding another embarrassing mishap at the advice of his campaign.

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