Biden Can’t Stop Calling Harris The President

President Kamala Harris, at least that’s what President Joe Biden calls her, will likely be your next president. Everyone is aware of the writing on the wall, but what’s interesting is Harris’ deeply unpopular record and low approval rating. They’re wrong if the left thinks they can insert her into the presidency without pushback and sure disaster.

The most likely situation is that Harris will become president, and she’ll get Hillary Clinton, Symone Sanders, or Pete Buttigieg to be her Vice President. All are still very unpopular, but after Clinton met with Harris, there’s been a lot of speculation about a 2024 presidential run, and if Clinton became VP, that would push her to that spot a lot quicker. Buttigieg has been absent after the infrastructure bill was passed, and Sanders has resigned as Harris’ spokesperson and political analyst, so there’s a low chance, but still a possibility. There are not many other choices there.

In another blunder, Biden said, “Last week, President Harris and I stood in the United States Capitol to witness one of American history’s before and after moments.”

That’s not a good look, and it’s not the first time Biden has said it. The other problem is that the White House is changing the text on their website. There was a revision that excluded the “President Harris” remark. The words of a president are essential, even when it gets negative press. Just like flagging misinformation for Facebook and private meetings with journalists, the White House is walking dangerous grounds with censorship and journalistic integrity with the public.

In March of 2021, as soon as Biden took office, he said, “Now, not long ago, President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona, and one of the nurses on that tour, who were injecting patients and giving vaccinations, stated that each shot was like administering a dose of hope.”

Aside from the President Harris part of the speech, the claim that each shot is a “dose of hope” is wildly inaccurate.

Before Biden was in office, he called Harris “President-elect,” making this an interesting debacle. Biden can think whatever he wants to, but Americans aren’t thrilled to have Harris as their vice president, much less president. Harris also did not solve the border crisis, lied about visiting the border, but had time to campaign for California Governor Gavin Newsom. It’s all backward.