Biden Choosing New Head Of Secret Service

Since Joe Biden got into the White House, he’s made several changes that have earned a lot of public backlash.

From walking back the Trump administration’s immigration reforms to passing costly spending bills, a lot of decisions made by the current president haven’t boded well for many people.

However, until the 2024 presidential election runs its course, Americans are stuck with Biden and the various changes he chooses to make while in power.

This time, one of his latest changes is putting in place a new director to oversee the United States Secret Service.

What to Know About Changes Coming to Secret Service
On Wednesday, Americans learned Kimberly Cheatle is going to be directing the Secret Service very soon. Cheatle worked on Biden’s security detail during his time as vice president.

In a public statement, the current president praised her skills and dedication to law enforcement. Biden also expressed that he’s excited to work with Cheatle in light of various repercussions facing the Secret Service over the January 6, 2021, demonstrations.

The Homeland Security Department also released a statement concerning Cheatle taking over for the current director who’s set to step down.

According to DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Cheatle has significant experience, information, and skill sets that make her best suited to oversee the Secret Service.

Serious Problems Facing Secret Service
Thus far, Secret Service has come under a microscope amid allegations of withholding text messages regarding January 6 requested by Department of Justice officials. According to the Homeland Security Department, however, a device change caused the texts to get lost.

Thousands of Secret Service agents stand as targets of a Justice Department also seeking their individual phone numbers in order to investigate what happened at the Capitol last year.

Nevertheless, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association has strongly pushed back against this, stating the Justice Department doesn’t have a right to demand this information.

The Secret Service is also being accused of waiting until after Capitol demonstrations were underway to inform Capitol Police of various threats made against lawmakers.

With Cheatle coming on as the new Secret Service director, it remains to be seen how this impacts the agency’s members and various investigations into them.