Biden Defends His Illegal Order And Digs The Hole So Much Deeper

A president usually would not admit to pushing an unlawful order to manipulate the judicial system and obtain what they want before anybody can stop them. However, Joe Biden has been precisely doing that. Biden is well aware that what he is doing is illegal, but he is doing it to clog the courts and then get his way. Even Americans are unsure what this could be if it is not a constitutional crisis. Additionally, that’s how dictators express themselves. It is a misuse of the system that transcends that of Barack Obama.

The real question is, what will be done about it by anyone. Under any circumstances, Americans cannot rely on the backing of the Republican establishment to push back on this. They’ve mostly been silent, though, and Mitch McConnell did finally comment yesterday. Although some feel that certain Republican members act irrationally to safeguard their valued infrastructure agreement, the majority believe that their policies have been preferable to those of the current government.

However, that leaves only the courts as a last resort. There has already been one legal challenge filed. Hopefully, the District Court will issue an injunction on the moratorium, preventing additional harm to property owners. Even still, further work remains. The Supreme Court has no control over it, but it should use all available measures to prevent a recurrence. Anything must have concrete consequences for system misuse.
Additionally, sanctions, severe language in a precedent-setting judgment, and possible restitution orders could be the possibilities. Conversely, it is believed that John Roberts would not protect the institution by giving a narrow decision. While, as soon as Biden acknowledges that he exploited the court system to accomplish something unlawful, he may ultimately run out of time. The judges may declare that the case would be no longer relevant. Therefore, there is nothing conducive to the rule of law and the well-being of the United States.