Biden DHS Lowering Security Standards in Anticipation of Illegal Migrant Surge

As the Biden administration prepares for the certain flood of illegal immigrants that is coming with the lifting of Title 42 enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security is considering lowering security standards at the border in anticipation.

Internal DHS memos obtained by the Washington Free Beacon indicate that the agency is considering increasing the authority of its volunteer force to allow access to the government’s “E3” immigration data system.

The E3 system compiles all immigrant information, including biometric data like fingerprints. The volunteers are made up of staff members who agree to help with issues that are outside of their normal duties.

Because it is considered to be a law enforcement database containing sensitive information, civilians rarely are granted access without background clearance and detailed training.

One senior official with DHS said that the proposed changes in the security involved with E3 show a “lack of serious concern” about maintaining border security and who is allowed to enter the country. The official only agreed to speak on condition of anonymity.

He also said that it is “quite astonishing” that the Biden administration’s disregard for America’s border security and desire to open the southern border up to free mass migration is now being combined with the E3 changes. He described the modifications as an “ad hoc surrender” of law enforcement security to “laypeople and contractors.”

The official added that even if the government could partition the most sensitive areas of E3, the “plan is still ridiculous.” He said the administration is taking people inside DHS who have responsibilities elsewhere and making them into “open borders processors.”

The repeal of Title 42 and the proposed loosening of security standards have many staffers in DHS concerned. A Border Patrol agent told the Free Beacon that the E3 changes open up the entire system to unmonitored abuse.

Access to E3 is normally granted only to those who pass extensive background clearance investigations because the database includes Top Secret information among the most highly classified material managed by the federal government.

Former Customs and Border Protection commissioner Mark Morgan described the changes in access to E3 as a “step backwards.” He said the reality is there are people in the government who “don’t do the right thing.”

Customs and Border Patrol project the number of illegal migrant apprehensions at the southern border this year will grow to as much as 2.3 million. That is in comparison to the record set in 2021 of 1.6 million apprehensions.

Biden’s proposed budget allocates funding for only 300 new Border Patrol officers and 300 new border processing officers. Because of the resistance to any additional spending on actual border security, the administration is certain to rely on volunteers to assist with the coming surge of illegal migrants.