Biden Rankles ACLU By Calling This DOJ Report Rubbish

President Joe Biden hurts the ACLU’s feelings when he calls a Department of Justice report “garbage.”

What this shows is that Biden isn’t in the loop. They aren’t telling him anything, and he doesn’t know how to answer when asked about specific issues. You can tell he’s telling the truth since he’s not permitted to answer press questions.

The original claim was that each illegal immigrant would receive $450,000 each if separated from their family. The most dangerous words that Biden has said so far are that illegal immigrants deserve compensation “no matter what the circumstance.”

So, if Biden’s words are correct, immigrants would receive $450,000 regardless of why they were separated from their children. It doesn’t sound like there’s room for negotiations for who may deserve to lose their kids. That may seem harsh, but it’s reality. Not all parents should keep their kids if the children are in danger.

How does Biden defund Historical Black College Universities but fund illegal immigration in the United States, are we Ameri-zuela?

There’s no situation where you can throw money at negative behavior and have everything turn out okay. There will be consequences for the activities taken.

When asked about the incentivization of illegal immigration after the Biden administration said that they were going to give $450,000 to illegal immigrants, he said, “If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah.” He was replying to Peter Doocy with Fox News. The report isn’t garbage. It seems more so that Biden is upset that the information is getting out rather than the actual plans to give the illegal immigrants $450,000 each.

Biden ended the statement by saying, “But it’s not true” and then clarified, “That’s not gonna happen.”

He didn’t seem to realize that the reports are already out, and Congress is already commenting on the move.

Congressman Tony Gonzales said, “And what’s dangerous is this is going to set a precedent going forward.”

If there weren’t talks of this happening, it would be far-fetched for people in Congress to acknowledge it and media outlets to report on it, especially since the White House backed off the statements Biden made and said they’re willing to settle with the immigrants.

Romero pulled a checkmate on Biden by saying, “We respectfully remind President Biden that he called these actions ‘criminal’ in a debate with then-President Trump and campaigned on remedying and rectifying the lawlessness. Of the Trump administration.”

Whoever Biden thinks he’s impressing, and he’s not. Biden is pushing back on Fox News because he feels like he has to, and his handlers left him out of the loop.