Biden Exposes Lies of His Own White House

On multiple occasions, the statements made by Joe Biden have been at odds with various members of his own administration.

Time after time, the president has denied that sanctions against the Russian government were meant to deter Putin from attacking Ukraine. Yet, the national security adviser and vice president have stated the complete opposite on multiple occasions.

Last week, the White House had to contradict numerous claims that Biden made regarding regime change in Russia, US troop involvement in Ukraine and chemical weapons usage against Russia.

Yet, according to Red State, between these comments and others, Biden has exposed the dishonesty of his own administration.

Unintentionally Telling on Himself

During a press conference earlier this week, the president was seen carrying note cards with him that were, presumably, guides for him to use when answering questions.

This is at odds with White House communications director Kate Bedingfield’s claim that Biden controls what he says or doesn’t say. But if that were the case, he wouldn’t need flashcards with approved answers on them.

But that’s not all. Earlier in the week, Biden also let it slip that American troops are apparently “training” Ukrainian forces in Europe. This is expressly what the president said; yet, when asked about it, Bedingfield declared that Biden only meant US troops are “interacting” with Ukrainian forces — says a lot about the information these same people are giving us about the situation on the ground.

There’s only so many times the White House can come out and “correct” Biden before it becomes apparent that someone is lying. There’s a very real difference between American troops “interacting” with Ukrainian forces and American troops training Ukrainian forces.

The Ugly Truth

At this point, it couldn’t be more obvious that the White House is going to continue lying to Americans. They know that Biden is not all there, which is why they kept him from speaking to the media on his own for as long as possible.

In addition to blatantly lying to the American public about what Biden “really meant” to say, the White House will also try to avoid further mishaps by giving the president flashcards.

Based on the disastrous press conference Biden gave earlier this week, the flashcards are not going to be the solution to the White House’s issues with the president.

At this time, it’s more than apparent that nothing said by Biden or his White House can be taken at face value. This should be enough to make every single American uneasy.