Biden Finally ‘Gives Up’ After Years Of Losing And ‘Throws In The Towel’

It’s not enough for President Joe Biden to take a loss. There should be a public embarrassment for his crazy desire to control the population out of COVID-19. It can’t be done. Legislative antibiotics will never eliminate any virus that’s making its way across a free country.

That is unless you asked Biden about that on the campaign trail. Biden swore to defeat COVID-19, but it went flat like many other promises. His team likely had this idea that the vaccine would take care of the problem, and they could take home the trophy, but that still didn’t work. When that didn’t work, they had to force it, which still didn’t work, nor will it.
The federal government has to know its role in society. They’re so limited for excellent reasons, and the states have more control than the feds because that’s what the forefathers saw for the current and future role of politics in the United States.

Some of the comments by Biden’s team haven’t aged well, either. Ron Klain, Biden’s Chief of Staff, tweeted in June of 2020, “I’ve been saying since March that we can’t beat COVID with an “Articles of Confederation” response. We have a national government for a reason. If Donald Trump doesn’t use it to beat this killer disease, I know someone who will, starting on 1/20/21.”

The Biden strategy has mainly been a show of power and authority to pander to those who desire government control and the one-stop solution to all of their problems. It isn’t reality, but it’s a way of life for some who’ve been taught or learned along the way. The lack of accountability in life or lazy people who want to be saved has led to votes for people like Biden, who promise to take away all student loan debt and give free governmental services away.

Biden can live in a fairytale of progress and act like he’s Mr. Fix-it, but the facts and statistics are against him this time. Too many people have the information available to them to hide it. COVID-19 numbers are higher this year than at the same time last year, with around 80,000 more daily cases spreading around than at the beginning of 2021. In late December 2020, there were about 200,000 new everyday COVID-19 infections, and in late December 2021, there were over 543,000 cases. Though hospitalizations aren’t what they were in December of 2020, the fact remains that Biden has failed on his promise to remove COVID-19 from society and end the pandemic.

Even with COVID-19 cases up from last year, the country is in a better place. There’s a COVID-19 vaccine, many variations in fact, and therapeutics are available that are helping out in many ways to keep people healthy.

Just remember that when Biden had someone else to blame, he blamed them. No responsibility was taken because it was easier to blame Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott until it all came back on Biden. Even while Florida had more COVID-19 infections than New York, that didn’t matter. The ratio of infections and deaths is the number you have to look at. It doesn’t matter if you have a million cases if fatalities are low, but you might have problems if you have a low number of cases and a high number of deaths.