Biden Handed The Pope This Peculiar Present, And Then Drifted On And On As Normal

When President Joe Biden went to visit Pope Francis, he brought him a gift. Why? Because Biden is an idiot. The gift was a challenge coin that the Pope was supposed to keep with him, and if he and Biden ever met up again and the Pope didn’t have it, he would have to buy the drinks.

After giving the challenge coin to the Pope, Biden told the Pope a story. A story that’s inappropriate for the situation and interestingly irrelevant.

Biden told a story about a man trying to become a baseball star in the NBL and didn’t get to play until he was 45 years old. Biden went on to say that the man was told in the locker room that “nobody has pitched a win at 47. How do you feel about pitching a win on your birthday?” Biden said that the man’s name was Satchel Paige, and he said, “Boy’s, that’s not how I look at age. I look at it this way, how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” It was an unusual story to tell.

Nobody knew Biden was going to tell the story and the Pope initially acted graciously that Biden was telling him the story until the interpreter came over. Then, the Pope looked confused and laughed about it.

Ultimately, the live broadcast of the meeting was canceled.

Biden and the Pope are two of the most powerful men in the world, and this should have been a serious meeting, but with this joke, it seems that there was at least one laughing stock in the room, Joe Biden.

Biden’s decline in mental capabilities is showing itself in Rome as well as in the United States. He’s not with us anymore. It is likely why he isn’t allowed to answer any questions from reporters at press conferences, and when he does, he has a pre-selected list that he uses.

The Pope told Biden to keep taking Communion even though Biden has voiced his support for abortions. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Catholic Churches can’t independently refuse to allow Biden to partake. Catholic bishops are currently debating whether Biden should take Communion, so, interestingly, the Pope would step in and make that decision.

Biden doesn’t hold the values of the Catholic religion. Otherwise, he would be pushing for religious exemptions for the Covid-19 vaccines and wouldn’t stand so firmly on pro-choice issues.