Biden Has Been Forced to Walk Back the Ban on Oil and Gas Leases

Having Biden make decisions about various energy policies in the United States has been nothing short of a nightmare.

Over a year ago, the president’s first executive order involved shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and therefore dooming 11,000 blue collar workers to unemployment. Later, the White House lied and said these workers’ employment would be replaced with green energy jobs.

Not long afterwards, Biden also shut down oil and gas leases. This led to a major uptick in American energy prices, in addition to shutting down the energy independence this nation enjoyed under the Trump administration.

However, with gas prices soaring to increasingly troubling high rates, the White House has been forced to reinstate oil and gas leases, according to American Thinker.

The Latest Change Regarding Oil and Gas Leasing

The Interior Department announced on Friday its choice to bring back oil and gas drilling on US federal lands. Of course, the return of these leases only comes as a last resort and due to frustration over high gas prices eating Democrats alive in the polls.

Ahead of the weekend, the Interior Department also announced that a royalty rate of 18.75% is going to come along with the returns of these leases.

As many Americans have since pointed out, the White House, when faced with prior calls to restore these leases, claimed they wouldn’t make a difference. The president’s decision to now bring back these leases shows his administration was lying all along.

They knew this change with oil and gas leasing would lower gas prices; however, the administration simply wanted to hold out as long as possible. They wanted to use high gas prices as a way of bringing in the Green New Deal and further attacking fossil fuels.

Holding Biden Accountable

The president of the United States has caused unspeakable harm to the lives of the American people. He’s caused families to struggle with putting food on the table, paying off loans, and otherwise being able to support themselves.

If the Biden administration truly ever believed that oil and gas leases wouldn’t impact fuel prices, then they wouldn’t be walking back the ban put in place last year.

No matter how badly the White House tries to clean up this mess now, it must be held responsible for creating this mess in the first place.

The most effective way to hold this administration accountable is by ensuring a red wave sweeps Congress, come this November.