Biden Has ‘To Be Careful’ Before The 2022 Midterm Elections, But We All Know He Can’t Do That

President Joe Biden is polling poorly. Nobody out there shouldn’t know this and realize that he’s in deep cognitive decline. It will be an interesting mid-term election toward the end of the year, and there’s almost a 100% chance that the GOP will take over. There have been many elections that prove it.

Biden will have to be wary of his party challenging him for the 2024 election and some Republicans. There are a lot of popular Democrats that could take the election by storm, and if there was a Republican/Democrat ticket, that could prove dangerous for the Democrat party and possibly take politics in an entirely new direction.

The strongest possibility is Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Tulsi Gabbard. A DeSantis president and Gabbard vice president is the most likely guaranteed win for the 2024 presidential election. It would take almost every argument out of the equation, and Gabbard arguably did the best in the 2020 presidential debates. Gabbard would have massive support from the military community because her veteran status and appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience would give her a platform and support system on the largest podcast known to man.

With leftist politicians and former staffers talking trash about Biden, there’s an unlikely chance Biden would even be considered for 2024.

Corbin Trent, a former communications director for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), said, “Biden is deeply unpopular. He’s old as s***. He’s largely been ineffective unless we’re counting judges or whatever the hell inside-baseball scorecard we’re using. And I think he’ll probably get demolished in the midterms.”

Of course, he is. Anyone running for current elections is denying Biden’s support and help. Besides Terry McAuliffe in Virginia and Gavin Newsom during the California gubernatorial recall election, where McAuliffe lost, and Newsom won. Still, by a smaller margin than expected, Biden’s been denied by Beto O’Rourke and many others who don’t want his name associated with their campaign. O’Rourke said he wanted to keep the campaign about Texas, but we all know what that means.

Activists are also blaming Biden for many things, such as climate change. That’s not accurate to blame him because he immediately stopped oil production in the United States as soon as he was elected. Ultimately, that will contribute to pollution because outsourced oil means fewer regulations and a higher cost, but they’re blaming him anyway.

According to RealClearPolitics, Biden’s got an average of 43% approval, so he’s got to be careful what he does and says in the coming months before the 2022 midterm election. Given Biden’s track record, that’s unlikely to happen. There’s a looming threat of an invasion by Russia in Ukraine and China in Taiwan, so Biden’s got a lot of foreign issues to deal with. Thus far, Biden’s foreign policy has been disastrous, so Democrat nominees will have to choose to support him or speak out against him.