Biden ‘Hides’ As Russia Glides Into Ukraine

This week, the senile, dementia-riddled Joe Biden’s team hides his activities. Vladimir Putin is ramping up or down his troops in a massive international game of chicken, and the US President is asleep at the wheel. Instead, many crony hacks are running this country into a disaster.

Biden representatives will not tell the American what the leader of the United States has been up to in his Delaware home. It is almost as if he is hiding out, hoping disaster will blow over. Cackling Kamala Harris was called in from her work settling the Border crisis. She was on a harmonious mission to Europe. Russia claimed to send troops home after faking out the US and then sped up arrangements for annexing eastern Ukraine.

According to the New York Post, Kamala Harris had the time to let us know that Joe did not discuss potential Supreme Court nominees. But, the Biden spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said he was treating the end of the week as a working vacation. Jean-Pierre went on to neither confirm nor deny his activity. She assured us that he is investigating materials on nominees and vetting them. It will help him make decisions when the time is right. She affirms that the president will know when he makes his choice and how he arrived at that decision. That sounds like she is saying he will do as he is told.

Biden has no conversations with Putin scheduled right now regarding the Russian invasion.

Showmanship among the anchors and talking heads at CNN and MSNBC is at an all-time high. They are carnival barkers, trying to drum up attention. Of course, if Donald Trump were at Mar-a-Lago for a weekend when the conflict of this scale was looming, he would be accused of dereliction of duty by these frauds.

In a rambling press availability, Joe discussed how the United States would react definitively to a Russian attack on Ukraine. Biden has repeatedly been gauging sanctions against Putin’s Russia. Russia has warned Ukraine that the nation will be split at the point of Russia’s advancing Red Army. Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, attempted to explain why Biden is in another foreign policy mess. He said that sanctions are meant to prevent Russian hostility. But if they are a deterrent, they cannot be enacted, or you lose the impact. So, Blinken has an empty threat leveled by an inept government that will act after the fact.

Blinken thinks that a unified Europe will have enormous ramifications for Russian aggression. According to the Democrat lackey, President Vladimir Putin must now consider how incompetent the US leadership is, and this creates a threat that they must deflect. It may deter them from making an aggressive move.

In contrast to botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the awkward Biden-Harris maladministration could worsen Russia and Ukraine. Everything in this malicious Biden White House has an all-out catastrophe. And it is showing no sign of letting up. These jokers can talk us into a war, but they cannot prevent us from seeing the Democrats for who they are: “sick twisted hacks.”