Biden Is Still ‘Blaming’ The Unvaccinated

Struggling through an interview with Lester Holt of NBC, President Joe Biden wants to message all Americans about how free you are.

Holt asked, “What is your message to folks who badly want COVID to end so they can restart the lives they remember?”

“I don’t consider it freedom if exerting your freedom puts someone else in peril, jeopardizes their health,” Biden said.

Well, Joe, what if someone gets their feelings hurt, is that free speech?

Life is dangerous. That’s as simple as it can be out. There’s nothing that you’re safe from, no matter how many times someone says, “this is for your safety.” Life comes with risks, and you can’t walk out on your porch without the potential of getting hurt. A fast YouTube search demonstrates how difficult life may be outside your front door.

Honestly, if you can’t handle walking outside without accepting the inherent risk and danger that life will throw at you, please, by all means, stay home. Society might not be ready for you.

Animals aren’t safe by Biden’s standards, either. The United States Department of Transportation reported, “According to the findings of this study, there are an estimated one to two million impacts between cars and large animals in the United States each year.”

Someone better call PETA because if you take Biden’s word as truth, he just admitted to placing a dead dog on someone’s doorstep. You can contact PETA here.

Biden continued, “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Not the vaccinated, the unvaccinated. That’s the problem.”

Facts are void of any White House consideration. If it were a pandemic of the unvaccinated, the country as a whole would not be repealing mask mandates. There are 117 million Americans unvaccinated. Aren’t they a problem anymore? Or did Biden forget them?

Biden then said, “Everyone talks about freedom and not having to take a shot or a test. So, guess what? So, what about patriotism? How about you be vaccinated, so you don’t transfer the sickness to anyone else?”

That’s medical misinformation. The COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t stop transmission, and it seems that Omicron spreads faster than the other variants among the vaccinated.

The CDC admitted, “The danger of SARS-CoV-2 infection in fully vaccinated people cannot be eradicated as long as the virus is being transmitted in the community.” You don’t say?

No President in the history of the United States has been this disillusioned about the facts of a pandemic that he’s had over a year to be well versed since taking office and should have been well before then. This Administration is a disaster.