Biden Just Broke A BAD Record For Skipping Work

At the point we’re at right now, the United States needs clear heads in leadership and the current administration to get out. President Joe Biden couldn’t get much worse at this point. However, he’s still taking days off of work, and others in his administration have as well to include Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who was out for months on paternity leave.

According to CNN of all places, Biden has taken more vacation days than any president before him. The Biden administration is hiding Biden’s cognitive abilities, but this is pretty extreme. After the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans try to get back on their feet and push forward, and Biden is taking vacations. Got it!

Americans need a strong leader but what we get is a dysfunctional administration that only cares about spending money. It’s like Biden forgot that Americans are struggling. CNN reports, “Biden has taken 35 personal trips and spent all or part of 108 of his first 276 days in office at one of his Delaware homes or Camp David in Maryland.”

That’s not good. Biden can’t “Build Back Better” if he’s not there to even do it, right?

There needs to be some time spent outside of the White House to unwind and relax a little bit, but this is getting intense. There are plenty of things happening right now that Americans aren’t okay with, which will drastically change this country’s trajectory in ways that are hard to describe. When Americans see their leader taking 108 out of 276 days for vacation, they are understandably frustrated.

Biden’s border crisis is surging and getting worse. To make it better, Biden’s administration suggests that illegal aliens who were separated from their families should get almost $500,000 per family. It’s insulting that American tax dollars would go toward a ridiculous program like that.

As much as Biden complains that billionaires need to pay their fair share, he’s proving that’s not the case at all. Suppose the United States has this kind of money sitting around to give hundreds of millions to people who aren’t even citizens. In that case, there is no reason we should be in debt, and no government should be asking for more tax dollars or causing any inflation. Take care of citizens first.

The ridiculous amount of vacation time tells you another thing, Biden isn’t in charge. They want Biden to be the frontman, but he isn’t making these decisions. According to Jack Posobiec, Chief of Staff Ron Klain isn’t making the decisions. Either Vice President Kamala Harris is.

The Biden administration is proving to Americans that Democrats don’t have it together. It’s all smoke and mirrors. One second, Biden tells America that OSHA will mandate employers with 100 or more employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine, and there’s no official policy, and OSHA hasn’t made a move yet, so what are they really up to? They want to get votes. They want their base to push and force others to follow along so that there’s nobody left to disagree. They want to bully people into making personal choices so that they can feed their families. It’s not working, and it never will. It is America, and we work hard and have a more excellent moral and ethical code than to allow this to continue.