Biden Makes An Offensive Blunder

President Joe Biden is known for his inappropriate comments, but what he said during a picture with Paralympic American Athletes should have you questioning if Biden has the cognitive ability to speak in public anymore.

Biden posed for a picture with wheelchair-bound athletes from Beijing and Tokyo and was only supposed to welcome them to the White House. That isn’t a difficult task, but Biden isn’t a typical politician. Biden’s ability to control his words hasn’t been his strong suit and it’s often gotten him in trouble with White House staff as they backtrack on his behalf.

While awaiting the picture to be taken, Biden says, “Don’t jump! She’s our photographer back there.”

While Biden was probably talking about the photographer being elevated off the ground to get a good picture, the timing was terrible. The crowd didn’t seem very pleased either. Some laughed, but the response was far less exhilarating than the cheering and clapping that they were doing for the last basketball player when they were announced. The lack of enthusiasm makes you wonder what was going through their heads while listening to Biden make such an idiotic statement.

It’s more likely that Biden is trying to bring some of Donald Trump’s witty comebacks and personality into the White House. You might suggest that Biden uses that energy when speaking to the press. But when Biden gives speeches, he usually stumbles over his words or doesn’t take questions at all.

Everyone who said that Biden was going to bring unity to the country lied to themselves.