Biden May Have To Pull ANOTHER Nominee After Old Tweets Resurface

Social media seems to be a place where nominees go to die. Old tweets and even old videos where nominees have said things that aren’t viewed very well today constantly disqualify candidates for many positions. While some are held accountable, some have political allies cover for them after tweets are deleted. Carlton Waterhouse, Biden’s administration nominee for the Environmental Protection Agency, would oversee the cleaning of America’s waste sites. His old tweets have been deleted, but he still holds to his view of the world.

Waterhouse tweeted, “The ugly truth about energy. The ends don’t justify the means,” and added hashtags for inequality, resist capitalism, and environmental awareness. What does that even mean? Waterhouse said he doesn’t recall that tweet. The ends don’t justify the means? Is Waterhouse suggesting that energy should be a social issue? In that case, the government would control the energy consumption of all Americans. Capitalism is the only way that area should be run. Capitalism keeps the prices lower and allows energy companies to compete for clean energy while making energy readily available for consumers.

The only oversight that the government should have is situations like Texas last winter. Infrastructure should be maintained at any cost to ensure that Americans have the freedom to access the energy that they pay for. Otherwise, where is their money going? That oversight should be small and productive, but knowing the federal government’s capabilities, it seems like it runs like the DMV, slow and inefficient.

There are other clean ways to produce other than burning coal, which makes up most electricity Americans use. That’s why pushing for electric vehicles is counterproductive at this point, even though innovation is essential, and reducing waste should be key. The focus should be to do so in a way that makes sense rather than jumping into it like Biden’s infrastructure bill suggests. The bill would mandate 50% electric vehicles by 2030. Doesn’t seem possible at this point.

Back to Waterhouse, he’s been called a racist extremist with his views on policing and inequality for lower-income areas where minorities live. He’s not entirely wrong with his judgment. According to BuzzFeed News, Waterhouse had a relative shot and killed by the police, but no information could be found to support the claim or outline the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Assuming that it’s true, facts are essential, and for Waterhouse to decide on policing surrounding an event like that, it’s obviously not always police officers’ fault.

The other factor is clean water for minority communities. Everyone remembers Flint, Michigan, and the water pipes that caused catastrophe inside the community when the public couldn’t drink the water. According to World Population Review, Flint has a Black American population of over 54%, so in this case, he’s not wrong. Though that’s only one community of hundreds of thousands of communities across the country, that shouldn’t ever happen. America is the wealthiest country in the entire world, and if we can’t even give our citizens clean water, what are we doing?

Other messages by Waterhouse about inequality and anti-capitalism are just nonsense. That’s not an individual who should run any government organization under any circumstance.