Biden Might Be ‘Skipping’ An Important Supreme Court Justice Nominee

Now that there’s a Supreme Court Justice seat open, the Democrats will scramble around until they find a Black woman to nominate. That’s a dangerous standard to place on the highest court in the United States. Other qualifications should not be ignored, and if someone else is more qualified but not of the desired race, they shouldn’t be ignored.

To be clear, Black Americans are just as capable as anyone else to achieve greatness and succeed at whatever they want to. That’s a pretty standard viewpoint that most people have. Most people don’t include anyone who wants a Supreme Court Justice nominee based on race because what the Democrat party is doing is admitting that they don’t believe that Black Americans can succeed independently. They need the government to step in and hold their hand. That’s actual racism.

Biden recently said, “I haven’t chosen who will be the first Black woman nominee to the United States Supreme Court.”

It’s not just that. There are plenty of Black women that are very qualified for the Supreme Court seat. Denise N. George, Attorney General for the US Virgin Islands, would be a very qualified nominee. George spent 18 years as Assistant Attorney General as a trial attorney in criminal, civil, family, juvenile, White Collar, and public corruption divisions in the Virgin Islands Department of Justice and has gone against Jeffrey Epstein’s team with transactions in the tens of millions of dollars before and after his death.

It’s not clear if George desires the nomination, but she would be a good pick nonetheless and bring a long career with experience with her. If Biden’s Administration misses this opportunity, then they’ll be skipping over not only their highly controversial racial and gender decision but the fact that the ability to bring experience into the Supreme Court isn’t something that Biden wants to miss.

Hawaii’s Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono also chimed in. Hirono said on MSNBC, “I’m expecting a fight, but there you go. And I’m looking for somebody who will be not only highly qualified, as all of the people you’ve already mentioned are, but who will bring to the judiciary the kind of diversity that I’d like, that will consider the impact, the effects of whatever decision-making is on people in our country so that they are not making decisions solely on law, which would be nice, and precedent.”

So, the nominee would have to consider the effects on people outside of the law and apply it to whatever aspect of the law they can? That doesn’t sound like judicial decisions based on the law or constitutional rights but by the color of someone’s skin.

Biden has to back up and realize that Americans want stability, legislatively, financially, and socially. That’s not what we’re getting.