Biden on His Way to Completely Gutting American Energy

It goes without saying that domestic energy is a critical resource for every single American citizen. People use energy to heat their homes, fuel their cars, keep electricity on, and much more.

Unfortunately, America went from having a pro-energy president in Donald Trump to having an anti-energy president in Joe Biden. Trump unleashed American energy, taking this country to higher heights in terms of energy independence.

Biden, on the other hand, rolled back drilling permits, stopped oil and gas leases, and gutted the Keystone XL pipeline with the stroke of a pen. Even as gas prices reach astronomical heights on this president’s watch, he still refuses to walk back even some of his anti-energy measures.

At the rate things are going, Biden is going to take the country off a cliff and seriously destroy US energy supplies.

An Enemy to US Energy
The endgame of the White House involves phasing out natural resources like oil and fossil fuels for “clean energy” resources like electric vehicles and wind turbines.

The problem with this is that resources billed as “clean energy” lack the effectiveness and bandwidth that natural resources carry.

Across the world, there are examples of nations like Germany that phased out natural resources for a move to so-called clean energy. The end result of that was Germany being reliant upon Russia for oil and natural gas.

This is the last situation the United States wants to be facing, especially with all that’s happening between Russia and Ukraine.

A similar story rings true when it comes to the Biden administration’s aggressive pushing of electric vehicles. For one thing, the constriction of these vehicles requires the very oil that Democrats despise.

Secondly, electric vehicles need batteries from communist China in order to function. Unfortunately, the United States is not ahead of China when it comes to this particular supply of batteries.

Therefore, if America were to transition away from fuel-powered vehicles and instead move to electric ones, we would be reliant upon an enemy nation for mass transportation.

The One and Only Solution
On multiple occasions, the current president has chosen to court enemy regimes like Iran for oil, rather than promote policies here in America that enable domestic energy production.

Biden’s rejection of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, and oil holds this nation in a bind. The only serious way of fixing this is a collective return to reforms that encourage energy independence and empower the domestic production of critical resources.